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  1. ‎The Fantasy Files: 6 Erotic Sex Stories, Vol. 1 on Apple Books
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But her silence belied a powerful lust.

Nighttime Sex Stories Volume 1

For behind closed doors, it was the quiet ones who made the most noise Seize Your Copy NOW Tags: erotic stories, sex stories for adults, steamy, xxx, romance, hot girls, hot erotica sex, intense, 50 shades of gray, BDSM, lesbian, gay, threesome, young women, sluts, horny girls. Read more Read less. Deals on books. Discover deals on bestsellers, new releases, children's books, and much more. Shop now. Not Enabled. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? This is exactly what is going on in my sex books. Erotic books the man and woman make sharp.

As I said it was my husband's birthday and we had gone out to dinner with four of his friends.

It was a very nice dinner at a steak house in town. I had two glasses of wine which is my limit, after that I am totally drunk. All the wives accept for me where out of town, so I was the only girl out with five guys. After dinner my husband invited his friends over for some pool and a few beers. All the guys gladly accepted the invitation. When we got home I got the guys there beer and they started playing pool. I was in the kitchen making them some snacks and could hear them talking.

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The TV was on and a girl in an ad must have caught their attention. There were some remarks about her being hot, nice tits, and a great ass. You know guys being guys. Then I heard one of them say John your wife has a hot body , and all the others agreed. John my husband said thanks and they went on chatting about other things. I will admit to a little tingle in my pussy when I heard the comment about me. A little history before I continue on. John and I have been married for ten years. In the ten years that we have been married never has there been discussion of me with other men. John has never told me that he had a desire to see me with other men.

He has never mentioned it as being a fantasy of his. As close as we ever got to such a thing was me flashing other men. This started a few years back in a dinner club. We were out having dinner one evening and John had gone to the restroom. When he returned, he said I want you to spread your legs apart.

We were sitting in chairs that where higher than the ones at the bar. I was not wearing panties and John knew it. I looked in front of me and knew what he wanted.

‎The Fantasy Files: 6 Erotic Sex Stories, Vol. 1 on Apple Books

There were a group of men sitting at pussy level right in front of me. At first I said no, I could see the disappointment in his face. I thought for a bit, he had never made many sexual demands on me and if he wanted this OK. And so I did. I opened up my legs for the first time in ten years for someone other than my husband to see my pussy.

ISBN 13: 9781481272841

It was great a first one, then two, then all three men were staring right at my bare pussy. Hubby was turned on big time, and oddly enough I found that I was too. Any way back to the story. I was in and out of the kitchen serving snacks to the guys.

Sex Stories Exhibitionists And Dares

I would stop every now and then to watch the pool game. I had noticed the guys staring at me a little more than usually. Caught them looking at my ass and my titties. I enjoyed it, but it was no big deal. I wrote it off to the conversation they had had earlier.

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I was getting tired and bored and had decided to go to bed. I delivered on more round of beer and said my good nights. Then right in front of all the guys my hubby says the guys all think you are hot. I blushed and looked at them all and said thank you. They were all looking at me and I was a little embarrassed. Then John said undress right here I want the guys to see just how hot you are I could feel my face turn beat red, I could not believe what I had just heard.

John walks over to me, all the guys staring at me and say's please babes I really want you to undress for the guys I was speechless, embarrassed, surprised, and shocked. And may be a hint of excited. When I regained my composure or should I say when I came to, everyone was standing around me. I looked at John and asked What did you say. John comes over pits his arms around me, looks me in the eyes and softly says please dear I want to show you off to my friends.