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Thanks to varaotrex for suggesting it. If i have the time i'll try to read the other volumes.

No Defense, Volume 1.

Apr 05, Tomanymaddogs rated it really liked it Shelves: light-web-novels. A funny light novel of the isekai variety. The MC is reincarnated into the body of a demonlord about to be killed by adventures and that's just the start of his problems. May 29, deathmaskmx rated it it was amazing. This novel is just amazing, is like overlord but in demential difficult.

View 1 comment. May 21, Aditya Prasad rated it it was amazing Shelves: great , masterpiece. This is one of the few books that I find very hard to forget. It always remained in my memory as a book I highly enjoyed and couldn't resist going on a marathon for. I also managed to forgot the story of this book enough to read through it once again.

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Like how they say in ORV, everytime you read a book, it's a different book. You see new things. This time I was again fascinated by how the author managed to handle so many dark protagonists at the same time with almost no one "good" to set the This is one of the few books that I find very hard to forget. This time I was again fascinated by how the author managed to handle so many dark protagonists at the same time with almost no one "good" to set the contrast.

I felt that the author never really made up his mind if the MC is a twisted good or just plain evil. But I can tell you, you can't judge the characters by the common sense of our world.

Chris D'Elia vs Bryan Callen - Volume 1

But it's possible, to see from their point of view. Each volume feels more like a short story set in a universe, I wish it was a huge novel with a lot to read. If the author is reading this review, let me just thank you for creating this great story. I hope you find the time, energy and opportunity to write more, much more.

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I am happy to say I enjoyed all four volumes, I am waiting for more. There are some logical inconsistencies but they are minor and will not be too glaringly obvious.

Customer Reviews

He is lazy does not believe labour is something can be enjoyed. He craves authority which is basically power and no one has ever had enough of that. The MC stays true to his character and is a dark guy - no kind soul here. He is smart. I love how the author makes him really smart. He is a great orator, skillful tongue. He is a very competent person. The translation was written by someone with a great grasp on english, kudos. Like he used the right words in places. The story uses interleaving with the viewpoint suddenly shifting etc. The story as a whole has to do with how our MC will survive living in this game.

Defenders: The Best Defense Vol 1 | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He settles into a NEET life when he gets sucked into the game through a survey they don't explain this. He already played this game before so he knows a bit about what major events will happen and about the characters themselves, he is now forced to live the game as the weakest of the 72 bosses. He starts out penniless, physically weak, no subordinates. All he has is that head and He is revered by the commoners as he is afterall a boss. Its deep at many places.

I recommend reading it slow, its hard cause its really interesting but do try. Eagerly waiting for the next volume Hey look another Huh, the main character has a personality and is actually kind of screwed up in the head, ohh wow these are actually fun characters this might be an actually good series.

Another series with the concept of protagonist ending up in a game world, except that this protagonist is pretty interesting. Scorp rated it liked it Jun 28, Commonwealth programs are the primary vehicle by which government agencies achieve the intended results of their outcome statements. Entities are required to identify the programs that will contribute to government outcomes over the financial year and the forward estimates that is, the next three years. Defence portfolio outcomes are shown in Figure 2. A snapshot of the Defence workforce at 30 June and 30 June is provided in Figure 2.

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The actual funded strength of the Australian Defence Force as at 30 June increased by to 58, in — This figure does not include the Reserve workforce, other than those on continuous full-time service. The actual full-time equivalent FTE staffing level for the Australian Public Service reduced by 1, to 17,—the lowest level since — These actual staffing figures include adjustments for part-time personnel and are the most reliable indicator of end-of-reporting-period staffing levels. The average funded strength of the Australian Defence Force grew by to 58, in —16, and is forecast to increase in future years towards the Defence White Paper allocation.

The reduction in Australian Public Service employees continues the downward trend of the previous three years and is also evident in other workforce measures. The average number of FTE employees for —16 was 18,, a decrease of 1, from —15 19, , and the downward trend is expected to continue in — As the Australian Public Service workforce trends down, the average FTE figure will always be above the end-of-year actual figure. The headcount figure includes paid and unpaid employees, counting full-time, part-time, ongoing and non-ongoing employees equally.

Details of the current allocation of portfolio responsibilities for Defence are online at www.

Annual Report 2015-16

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