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Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. The plot is no longer basic. Right now it just seems like every step forward I take results in two more paths I have to sniff out and examine. I have no idea if this is progress. It feels more like a hamster wheel. No more Hydra heads. Then I stand back and rewrite, occasionally swapping scenes around for better impact and flow, but the overall structure has always been present at the onset.

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For my current book I seem to be a very different writer. I sit down for my writing time in the morning and just write.

Likewise, even though I have sat down with an initial structure for all my other books, that structure has morphed and warped drastically during the writing process. I look at early notes for my books sometimes and I have no idea what they mean, they refer to things that no longer exist any more, or even have the possibility of existing because the book has been set in print in a different way.

Am I just rambling with no point? Or am I a more relaxed writer? Am I crafting a never ending series of puzzle pieces that will never fit together? Or am I excavating a story, brushing off dirt layer by layer and finding an outcropping and there, but nothing tying it all together yet?

I have so much more research I need to do. Nor is it the most exciting. I just need to know enough to fake it. Telling a story implies that the story is already written. I imagine sculpting is pretty similar, too. A lot of writers express joy when they get an idea for a new work. Writing a book is more like shackling myself to a madman for a year in an agreement to follow wherever he goes. I am worried about the amount of story that I want to get into this book.

Gregor, for instance, will have his story told in more detail. This is a terrifying situation to be in. Who lives with her. But read it. Matthew knows that he died twenty years ago. He has, after all, been bouncing around New York city ever since, causing mischief and having fun as a supernatural being. Come explore the world of Matthew and Epp and see what a samurai from Feudal Japan has to do with the course of modern physics, what a two-thousand year old Roman slave has to do with the summit of Mount Everest, and what a dead man from Brooklyn has to do with the fate of the world.

Read the first chapter of Probability Angels by choosing one of the many formats shown on the right. What readers like you have been saying about this urban fantasy series:.

Probability Angels is an extremely well written novel that deserves a much wider audience. Author Joseph Devon has presented a fascinating concept, compelling characters, crisp dialogue, and an overall story that is just crying to be made into a movie.

Probability Angels – Book Review

It taps into that distinct surreal and magical milieu that is Manhattan. When it was released for Kindle, I bought it and read it again. I have been recommending both Probability Angels and the second book in the series, Persistent Illusions, to everyone I know. Joseph Devon has built a reality that is plausible while still being completely unique in my experience, and written a book based in that reality that is just honestly a lot of fun to read. So go read it. With his instruction, the others equip a boat to take to the wreck site.

During his first dive, he manages to reach the wreck, something no other local has managed to do, though he considers himself out of practice. Pliny insists on having a celebratory feast on the beach. That night, the four friends are enchanted to see phosphorescent plankton lighting up the beach, and when they all jump into the ocean, find themselves swimming with dolphins.

Aristo is cajoled to tell several Greek myths having to do with dolphins during their lessons, including the stories of Arion and Delphinus, and of Poseidon and Amphitrite. With practice, Lupus makes several dives of increasing duration, managing to reach the wreck several times, but unable to retrieve any of the amphorae he finds inside. Aristo orders him to rest before his next dive, but Lupus becomes sullen and obsessed with retrieving the treasure, even snubbing his friends when they want to play music or go swimming with the dolphins again. On his last dive, Lupus is attacked by an octopus inside the wreck, losing his lifeline.

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From the Author of the Acclaimed Bestseller

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Bizzaro Book Review: Persistent Illusions by Joseph Devon | The Unsanity Files

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