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Selling the property to the highest bidder is a quick and effective way to cut losses and settle debts. But repurposing a sacred space for secular use has a number of drawbacks. A church building is more than just walls and windows; it is also a sacred vessel that stores generations of religious memories. Even for those who do not regularly practice a religion, sacred images and structures operate as powerful community symbols.

When a hallowed building is resurrected as something else, those who feel a connection to that symbol may experience a sense of loss or even righteous anger. After St.

Many local residents remain unsatisfied with the compromise. Read: Breaking faith. Converting old churches into residential spaces, like St. Vincent De Paul, is becoming more popular. While this type of sacred-to-secular conversion may be a tough pill for former members to swallow, many are even less satisfied with the alternatives. A large number of abandoned churches have become wineries or breweries or bars. Others have been converted into hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and Airbnbs. A few have been transformed into entertainment venues, such as an indoor playground for children, a laser-tag arena , or a skate park.

When St.

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A communal symbol that once served as a beacon of hope and welcome now seems like little more than an emblem of American youthful superficiality. Some are moving upstream of the crisis, opting to repurpose their buildings before they go under. Larry Duggins left a successful career in investment banking a decade ago to attend seminary at Southern Methodist University. There he met a professor of evangelism named Elaine Heath with whom he brainstormed ways to help dying churches who maintain a will to live.

Read: How a megachurch melts down. Half a century ago, it was a massive congregation with robust weekly programming, a strong reputation in the community, and a 60,square-foot building. It converted the fellowship hall into a co-working space and transformed Sunday school rooms into a workshop for local artisans, including a florist and a stained-glass-window artist.

What is the importance or value of a church building? |

It formed an economic empowerment center, where the group teaches a local population of African refugees language and business skills. On June 24, , we held a special general meeting with the members of The Bridge Church and voted on a resolution that would allow us to complete the project previous resolutions had granted church leadership the authority to reach the permitting stage.

The vote passed with significant support, which we are once again grateful for!

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  4. In the meantime, much work has gone into the Building Permit application. That application was submitted shortly after we received the Development Permit a year ago but has required extensive correspondence.


    We anticipate receiving the permit at almost any moment now! Much work has also been done to prepare for construction, which we hope and plan to begin this spring.

    Church is the building up

    We will continue to update this page on whatever major steps of progress take place. First off, we have our building permit! This was received in April after much hard work by people at The Bridge, professional consultants, and the District of North Van. This was a huge milestone, one of the last major "hurdles" before beginning construction. Second, in response to interactions with some of our neighbours, we hosted a community information meeting at Parkgate Community Centre on May 14, which was also attended by representatives from District of North Vancouver council and staff. We were able to present some details about the process we've undertaken, the building itself, and what the road ahead looks like in terms of construction, and answer questions from community members.

    Third, while we had the existing structure on the property listed for relocation, there were no takers, and so the building was taken down at the end of May. Work on the site has begun! The shoring company commenced their work in July and continues to be present on the site. Check out our Instagram page for pictures!

    In the Shadow of the Church

    If you'd like to support what we're doing financially, check the link at the top of this page. We'd love to have you partner with us in the new Kingdom work we believe the Lord is calling us to in Deep Cove! Groceries for Giving Registration. Toggle navigation Menu. Building Project. Why this location? What do we offer the community?

    Latest Updates Thank you for taking the time to learn about our project. Update: June 5, A few things have happened since the January update that we're excited to share with you! Update: August 15, Work on the site has begun! PayPal button below.